Friday, January 14, 2011

HDR: Go Wide, Go for Great Depth-of-Field

Here's an HDR image and tip for today. Enjoy!

Title: The Venetian

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Exposures:  0, +2, -2 EV

Processing: Photomatix 

Tip: Go wide and go for great depth-of-field. That means shooting with wide-angle lenses set at small apertures. This image was taken with my 17-40mm lens set at 17mm – my favorite lens for HDR photograph. My f-stop was f/11. I focused 1/3 into the scene for maximum depth-of-field.

Camera/lens: Canon EOS 5D, Canon 17-40mm lens @ 17mm.

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Hung T. Duong said...

Hi Rick, I encounter the term "focus 1/3 into the scene" a lot in your books and blog posts. I don't quite get it. How actually do you divide the scene? Is it the focus point lying 1/3 of the depth or of the frame? Waiting for your advice.

Rick Sammon said...

Hung Say you are at the end of a football field. Focus around the 33 year line.


Anonymous said...

Awesome shot Rick! I love HDR and am learning a lot from you. I understand that focusing a third into the field to get best DOF but I also understand that hyperfocal distance for the 17mm lens on a full frame sensor tells us that by focusing at 2.85 ft everything from 1.4 ft to infinity will be in focus (at least that what my DOF Master app on my iPhone tells me). So why not focus at about 3 ft instead of a third into the scene?