Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What Moviates You? How Do You Get Motivated?

We all need some photo-motivation from time to time. That includes me.

So I thought it would be a good idea for a blog post to ask you: "What motivates you - and how do you get motivated?

Is it enjoying nature and picturing animals, as illustrated above?

Is it working and playing in Photoshop or Lightroom – turning a drab shot in a much cooler shot, as pictured below?

Is it using one lens for an entire week to see how you can see the world differently? Is it traveling to an exotic location? Or is it reading books or apps?

Is it going for a walk?

Your motivational technique just may help others. Post your suggestion here (rather than on twitter or facebook) so all can see.

Explore the light,


johanner said...

I'm just starting with this, so I haven't had too much time to try and learn about different types of photography. But today what motivates me is nature, for sure.

Robert Nixon said...

I get in a rut from time to time and have come up with a great way to get out of it and become motivated to start shooting again. I go find a place that is different from what I have been shooting. I usually shoot nature and landscape but I get sick of that at times and so I will head into the industrial part of town and shoot old buildings or machinery. Sometimes I will shoot in the cemetery, my garage, old thrift stores, the junk yard... There are great places to shoot all around you, just open your eyes. I find that a NEW place for me is the most motivating thing.

I think that it is normal to get in a rut and feel unmotivated at times. The real key that defines us and makes the pros the pros is what is done about being in a rut... do you wait around for it to end or do you do something to get motivated?

I like to think that I generally give myself a swift kick and get going but sometimes it is hard.

John said...

Wildlife motivates me... watching the squirrels in the back yard leaping from branch to branch, the Hawks circling overhead, stalking deer at Kennesaw National Battlefield and since I don't get to travel alot I hit up the zoo from time to time, just watching wildlife motivates me.

Ted Johnson said...

I am often motivated by looking at other people's artwork. The other day, I spotted a photo in a wine shop. It was corks randomly placed in a row against a white background. This inspired me but my imagination took me in a slightly different direction. My shot: fallen leaves of a rich brown leather look in a linear layout against a white background. Viewing art can inspire and fill you with ideas.

Anki said...

Hmm ... I think that learning new stuff is my biggest motivation. I just love it. Other motivating things are light, structures, items, beautiful pictures, others work, challenges. Something that limits my motivation from time to time is my mood although I regain it again with a walk together with my camera. Music, books, processing pictures, computers ... so many things makes me motivated.

Kelly Mann said...

I take inspiration from reading, watching movies, but mostly from classical works of art. We can learn so much from the Old Masters by way of composition, lighting, and subject matter. I also love classical fairy tales and their imagery. Think about the juxtaposition of colors, shapes and perspective in stories like Alice in Wonderland.

JulieM said...

I'm involved in a facebook photography group that has a weekly challenge. Every week a theme and a set of rules is posted, and we all enter an image that fits the criteria. It gets me out taking shots every week that I probably wouldn't normally take, or even think of taking. Lots of fun and very motivating!

mhedstrom said...

Good question...what motivates me...I'm still pretty new to photography, but going out and shooting, and seeing that I may actually have a decent shot, with some decent composition, motivates me. Playing with something in post and having it come out better than I expected, motivates me. Seeing something different in areas that I see everyday (which then make me grab the camera) motivates me. And finally, just taking photos of my son, so much later I can look at them and smile, definitely motivates me!

TTM said...

If there's good sun, blooming plants or animals, I'm motivated to get outside. Always looking for a story to tell or something to show to others.

JimC said...

Whenever I feel discouraged or lack a desire to go out with my camera, I find surfing image sites like Flickr, Smugmug, etc. or reading blog posts such as yours, or listening to podcasts on photography will fire up the spark in me and then I can't wait to get out and begin making images again!