Saturday, May 28, 2011

Save Your Stuff

This older post came to mind on this Memorial Weekend.

Here is some food for thought: Save your photo stuff. Someday it may be valuable. Or, it simply may be fun to own – and to share with future generations.

Today I was looking at my dad's Morse Code Generator, which he used in the Army in Hawaii during WWII. I got to thinking that he used it as an important communication tool, just as I use my WACOM tablet and stylus as a key communication tool – to help me communicate my photo ideas while working in the Photoshop and Lightroom.

For sure, I am saving my tablet.

Wanna have some fun? Click here and type in a message to hear it in Morse code.

Save your stuff,

P.S. Save old photos, too. For sure, they will be interesting to future generations. Here is a photo of my dad, taken during his U.S. Army days. Very proud of you, Dad.


Anki said...

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I love old photos and the story behind them. I think they are a key to the future. The morse code generator is very cool. Btw - You looks a lot like your father ;-)

Tommy Lane said...

I was a Radioman in the US Navy, so I had to learn morse code, too. I still remember it, although I haven't sent or received on a morse code generator in decades.

Ted Johnson said...

Old stuff is cool. I recently pulled out some of Dad's things that came to me when he passed. I decided to photograph some of them using close-up and selected focus. The items included his slide rule in leather case, a sextant, and a crystal loving cup my grandfather won in a Key West tennis tournament in 1904. Now the pictures can be shared with family and others.

Photographs by Craig White (Australia) said...

Very nice post Rick. We are thinking of everyone devastated by those terrible tornados. Beyond comprehension.

Your post is so true. When my dear dad passed away, the importance of photos ( a real print) became so apparent. Even the stange colored "70's Kodak moment" (square 126) prints we had were scanned and retouched. Perfect.
So save your stuff and I'd add... Make prints.
Cheers Craig (Western Australia)

Photographs by Craig White (Australia) said...

Nice post Rick. We are thinking of those devastated by the tornadoes. Beyond comprehension.

Your post reminds me of the importance of prints. When my dear dad passed in 2008 I pulled together all of the photos of him for a presentation at guneral and DVD to celebrate his life. Even the scanned in, faded "70's Kodak moment" (square 126) prints were retouched and perfect. So you say save your stuff. I'd second that and say "print your stuff" too.
Cheers. Craig (Western Australia).