Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Improve Your Perception and Imaging

What (or who) do you see in this photograph, which I took in Escalante National Monument several years ago.

Post your comment here so all can see.

What you perceive – visually and in your photographs and in the photographs of others – is quite interesting.

For more on the fascinating topic, check out my friend Dick Zakia's book: Perception and Imaging.


Dwayne Tucker said...

Looks like the guy in the corn filed waiting for a crow to land on him. I can't remember the name of what I'm talking about right now but I hope you get it- hahah.

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Anonymous said...

A Scarecrow.

Anonymous said...

A crucifixion.

Kristin said...

Looks like the cross, to me

Anonymous said...

Looks like the crucifixion to me.

@amarulero said...

A tree, just that this has his arms open, like waiting for a hug

Anonymous said...

I see sky.

ArtK Photos said...


It did look like a scarecrow to me at first.

After looking at it for awhile it started looking like a rock singer with a spiky haircut belting out the final note of a song.

I also see a small raptor/hawk sitting on tope of the middle tree with it's wings spread like it is just landing.

Mark and Chris said...

a shark (center) chasing a seal (left} while a squirrel (right) follows the events while snacking on his lunch.

Al Marsh said...

I see a dancer, leg kicked up, arms outstretched. I also see a scarecrow. I wanted to bring up the line from the movie: "I see dead people." But I won't.