Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Answer to: What Do You See in This Photogrpah?

Hi All,

Thank you for your comments.

It was interesting to see that, due to Thanksgiving, several folks saw a turkey.

Actually, from a different angle, I saw a foot... but we all see what we see :-)

You're on for a reason: info. The photo info tip here is a basic, but important one: when you see something that looks interesting, take your time and walk around it and look for different viewpoints. You may be surprised at what you find - and see.

Explore the light,


Ken Toney said...

I see a bunch of rocks. :)

Kelly said...

Cool photo! I see something afoot!

Waqas Nasir said...

A rock that looks like a human foot

Daniel Fealko said...

So, you were shooting in the foothills, but did you use footcandles for your exposure readings? I have to hand it to you, I was fooled into thinking it was a turkey due to the holidays.