Monday, November 15, 2010

Be My Guest Monday 11/15/10: Hal "Bull" Schmitt

It's "Be My Guest Monday," the day of the week that's turned over to a talented guest blogger for a quick tip.

Today's guest: Hal "Bull" Schmitt.

Tip: With mirror or mirror-like images, try placing the horizon line near the center of the frame. This tip brakes the traditional "rule" of not placing the horizon line in the center of the frame – because it cuts the scene in half. With mirror or mirror-like images, that rule can surely be broken.

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Hal "Bull" Schmitt is the Lead Instructor at Light Photographic Workshops in Los Osos, CA. His latest project is the California Photo Fest. I'll be there next year!

Info on Hal:
Light Photographic Workshops
California Photo Fest

Here is quick lesson that I did for my friends at Adobe on how to create mirror images in Photoshop.

Explore the light,

P.S. Here is one of my favorite mirror images. If you have a comment on why you think we like mirror images, post it here!

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Rick Sammon said...

Here's a comment sent from my friend Steven Inglima:

Biologically, we favor symmetry as we are laterally bi-symmetrical. We are almost identical halfs put together, as are most animals.

However, if you take a person's face, divide it, duplicate it in Photoshop and past it back...and then do the same to the other half, you'll notice slight differences.

Some people have very similar "left half doubles" to their "right half doubles". But, some people are radically different. You will
also notice that there will be a correlation between what most of society views as "pretty" or "good looking" people and their symmetry.

Symmetry is associated with a healty genetic structure, and we are biologically inclined to see symmetry as a desirable trait.

Try this yourself...and you'll see what I mean. I've done a bunch of these as experiments and it's fascinating.

Steven Inglima
Explorers of Light
Canon USA
CIG Professional Engineering & Solutions Division