Friday, October 1, 2010

Marc Muench Interview on the DPE Podcast

Hope you have a chance to check out my interview with nature and wildlife photographer Marc Munch over at DPE. Great tips... and great guy!

Explore the light,


Mark and Chris said...

I tried to download your most recent podcast direct to my iphone 4 while at Starbucks but I get an error message telling me it is not compatible with my iPhone. First time I have ever seen that message. All other podcasts load properly. There are also two DPE podcasts listed in iTunes. One shows this podcast as the most recent one. The other shows a podcast from Sep 15th...sorry can't recall the name.

Any thoughts?

Rick Sammon said...

Hi Guys

Strange. Let me check it out.

Thank you

Juan said...

Mark & Chris,

This is a bug with the iPhone that was introduced with iOS 4.0. I filed a bug with Apple and it has been partly fixed in 4.1, but still affects some podcasts like ours. You can download the podcast via iTunes and then sync to your iphone without a problem.

I am currently awaiting Apple to resolve the issue once and for all.

In regards to the the two podcasts you are seeing, that is because we in fact have TWO podcasts, one is the audio podcast that we release twice a month which you can find here:

And the other is an instructional VIDEO podcast you can find here:

I hope that helps!