Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What My Son Will Learn at College

We dropped our son off at Tufts University (very welcoming atmosphere) today. He's a sophomore.

I snapped this iPhone pix in the Men's room on his floor.

I am sure he'll get a great education! :-)



Steve Gravano said...

Wow, the state school where my son is enrolled needs these...badly.

Puggle said...

Amazing. It's sad to know they had to make a sign like that.

Keith Carlson said...

I'm on a different side of parenthood than you are, Rick. I may have to post this sign in our bathrooms at home for my son that is learning how to use the toilet! This is really funny! Thanks for the laugh!

Bob DeChiara said...

Hey Rick, I see you made it back to Boston. I have some friends who are campus security over at Tufts so he better behave.

Hope all is well.