Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Tool For Cool HDR

If you are into HDR, check out the new Promote. This cool, remote-control accessory plugs into your camera and makes taking multiple images for an HDR image fast and easy. You choose your setting and the Promote sets your camera to take the HDR sequence automatically.

You can read more about the Promote here.

Want some tips on HDR imaging? Click here.

And for more info, click here.

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Steve said...

I noticed that this device also does time lapse photos. So am I gathering correctly that you could use this device to do time lapse with HDR? Sounds like a bit of a post-processing nightmare, but the results would be pretty cool.

Rick Sammon said...

Steve.. It's not easy having fun :-)

Well worth it and the time lapse is way cool!


Gregg Obst said...

It would be great if Promote would combine the GPS functionality from their GPS product with the Promote Remote. As it is now, they compete for ownership of my 10 pin connector on the front of my D300 and it wouldn't be that hard to add the electronics from the GPS unit to the remote. I'd be willing to pay $500 for a device like that. The Promote is really a time saver when doing HDR and HDR panos.

ShebaJo said...

It sounds great, but I agree w/Gregg... GPS would make it a "must have" for many of us.

Marshall said...

I use the Promote all the time. Fantastic tool with more features and far less expensive than the high end Canon remote. Gregg's idea of combining the GPS would make it 'perfect'.