Friday, September 3, 2010

Keyboard Shortcuts and Shorts for Today's Nik HDR Efex Pro Webinar

Wow! We had almost 1,000 folks from around the world logged in for my Nik HDR Efex Pro webinar today. Great fun.

The one-hour webinar was recorded. Stay tuned for a link. Below is a screen grab of my HDR preso.

For info on HDR Efex Pro, click here. You can save 15% on all Nik products by using this code upon checkout: RSAMMON.

As promised, here are the keyboard short cuts.

Shortcut Descriptions:
· Ctrl-p: Toggle preview image and default image view while held down
· Space: Toggle zoom or pan
· Cursors left/right: Decrement/increment global slider
· Shift-cursors left/right: Decrement/increment global slider by 10
· F, shift-f: Toggle fullscreen
· Tab: Toggle side panels
· Ctrl-z : Undo
· Ctrl-y: Redo
· Ctrl-shift-a: Add a control point (ESC for abort)
· Alt-mousedrag: Duplicates a CP
· Ctrl-c: Copies a CP to clipboard
· Ctrl-v: Pastes a CP from clipboard
· Cursors: Move super selected CP
· Cursors left/right: Decrement/increment CP slider
· Shift-cursors left/right: Decrement/increment CP slider by 10
· Cursors up/down: Select previous/next CP slider
· Ctrl-g: Group CPs
· Ctrl-shift-g: Ungroup CPs
· Ctrl-d: Duplicate CPs
· Backspace, delete: Delete CPs

Hey, if you want to shoot HDR, join one of my workshops!

Explore the light,
P.S. My friends at Nik told me I did not have to get dressed up for the webinar :-)


Ready2 said...

Great session. Learned a lot.
Rick- when do you correct for CA in your workflow i.e. Before merging?

Teri Lou said...

Thanks for the work you put into the webinar. I am more excited about this product than I have for any other. I know it is going to change the way we think about HDR "High - Do it Yourself - Rockin' Images"
Always have admired your work.

Batdorff Photography said...

I really liked the demo. Excellent job!

Rick Sammon said...

Ready2 - before.

Teri Thank you.

Batdorff - What!?!?! You don't like my shorts :-)

Susan Carroll-Seger said...

Thanks Rick, I enjoyed your presentation. I can't wait to purchase this software. Susan Carroll-Seger, Seger Studio

Paul Bush said...

Great presentation, Rick. I fell in love with that plug-in. I knew NIK had something special coming, but this is great.

Jeff said...

Thanks for the time going over this. Enjoyed it very much.

Roger said...

Thank you for the excellent presentation!

I have tried about every soft on Mac and and hope to get HDR Efex Pro as soon as possible

fotofah said...

Thanks for an excellent webinar today!

Neil Vanderwolf said...

That was one of the best webinars I have watched. Thanks Rick (and NIK).

chaneyh99 said...

I really enjoyed the HDR Efex presentation and demonstration yesterday. Your suggestions and advice hit the spot. Can you post your recommended shooting suggestions as those couple went by fast? Are they in your HDR book?

Again, great job and great fun listening to you speak.

Treye Rice said...

Great presentation! Loved the pics from Cuba. What was the auto bracketing tool that you showed in your PDF presentation? You showed a picture of the gadget...I think you said that you had taken a pic of it with your cell phone. It looked like a remote and was plugged into a camera. Thanks!

Rick Sammon said...

chaney - for a fast moving couple, just use one image. use the sliders to get the effect you want. it will not be true HDR.. but you can create cool effects. good luck!

Rick Sammon said...

that's the link to the Promote device I mentioned in the webinar.

thank you,