Monday, September 27, 2010

Google is Too Cool

Today was too much fun! I gave a talk on digital photography to a group of talented photographer at the Googleplex. The talk was recorded and will be available on YouTube in about three weeks (stay tuned for info).

Thanks to Trey Ratcliff for putting me in contact with the Google Guys.

Some thoughts on Google:
• It's like a college campus - lots of young people, some of which ride around on the special Google bicycles.
• Food is great! Something for everyone. Today was Meatless Monday.
• Many hybrid cars in the parking lots. Many!!!! Go Google!
• Looks like a very fun place to work.. and play! I saw a deck of about 250 Magic cards.
• Security guards are very friendly.
• Beautiful gardens - accented with art.
• I think I was the oldest person on campus today . . .

Explore the light - when you are not Googling!


Ken Toney said...

Rick, I'm waiting for my job invite! :)

Marco said...

Hi Rick,

You say "I think I was the oldest person on campus today".
To prepare you for your workshop in the Netherlands, here is a Dutch saying:
"Je bent zo oud als je je voelt" which literally means "you are as old as you feel you are".

So it doesn't matter how "old" you are when you are (still) young at heart (which I believe you are!)