Thursday, August 26, 2010

Snapshots to Great Shots: Make the Picture

Today at the Maui Photo Festival, we had fun demonstrating how to turn a snapshot into a great shot.

After finding a willing subject, who was on her honeymoon, I took a snapshot of her along one of the busy hotel paths. Then, I grabbed a red table cloth and had two assistant hold the table cloth behind her - which created a studio-type atmosphere. Basically, we made the picture.

The lighting on the subject was soft and sweet. Notice the natural hair-light, too. We also made the picture by choosing the location based on the light.

We made a quick video of this snapshot-to-great shot moment. It will be posted on DPE soon!

Explore the light,


Jennifer Rains said...

I just read you book Confessions of a Compact Camera Shooter and it changed the way I use my camera (a Sony Cybershot, which I love! for now). I didn't realize it could do so many things! Thanks for writing the book. It was a great help to this amateur photographer.

Rick Sammon said...

thank you!!