Sunday, August 8, 2010

Changin' Lanes

I am working on a new motivational project: Changin' Lanes.

I am looking for personal and positive stories about changin' lanes, so to speak, in the business world. People who changed lanes to follow their passion – to live the life they want to live.

I actually did this myself – several times in my career. I know many folks who have made the move.

I announced this project on twitter and facebook last week and the response was overwhelming.

You can follow the progress of this project on twitter.

One goal of this project is to offer inspiration and motivation to those who want to change lanes. Another is to put like-minded folks together.

This project is not limited to photography. If you own a bicycle shop and used to be an investment banker, for example, we'd love to hear from you.

Much more planned for Changin' Lanes.

If you have changed lanes, if you are thinking about changing lanes, or if you know someone who wants to change lanes, etc., please have them email me their story. ricksammon at

I can't respond to all the emails right now. All stories will be saved. If we use your story, you will be notified for more information.

Remember: "It's never too late to be who you could have been."

Here's another cool quote: "If you love what you do, you never have to work a day in your life."

Thank you – and good luck in following your passion and dreams.

P.S. Need some inspiration now? Check out my app for the iPad, Life Lessons We Can Learn From Mother Nature.


Mark Schneider said...

I have been doing small-time freelance work for several years. However, with three children and bills I have not been able to justify giving up a "day job" and speculate being able to pay bills. My goal is to, as Rick says, change lanes as soon as possible. I have been published in calendars, books and catalogues. I photograph reunions, senior portraits and families. I would like to do stock business, especially online. I need guidance on how to accomplish this (the online business).

I know I have to keep shooting and working hard because this does not just happen. I share my knowledge with others and hope others with more knowledge will share with me.

Thanks Rick!

Rick Sammon said...

Mark - Thanks for your note. To keep track of all this stuff,I need emails.

Ricksammon at

Thank you,
Rick said...

I changed lanes a couple of years ago by retiring from the Telecommunications Industry and getting on the learning lane of photography plus (P+). In my opinion, P+ is a compilation of photography, music, video which utilizes what I call digitization. P+ gets pretty deep when one's art drives the final passion to computers and software. Now that's an ever changing lane if I ever saw one.
Digitization is the wave of technology that has launched the world into the high speed communications which takes us all into a different lane.

Working with companies like Sony, ADC, Comcast and AT&T, in sales and sales management, since 1965 taught me that passion drove technology. Passion drove business and industry from analog to digital, from tubes to transistors, from wireline to wireless, from film to DSLR, talk about changing lanes. Wow! Hang on to your hats because as I write this note G-4 is causing some major lane changes and promises to open up a whole new way of communicating not only audibly, but visually and then some.

Finally, I want to thank Rick Sammon for his contribution to my passion. I attended one of Rick's fabulous seminars on HDR photography here in Seattle a few months ago. Rick opened up a new door and possibly put me on another lane with his passionate presentation. If you get a chance, you must attend any of Rick's seminars, you won't regret it.

Respectfully submitted,

Rick Sammon said...

SnapShotSandy. Nice story! Can you send me an email with your story - the only way I can track all the stories. ricksammon at


PhotoJ said...

I can't give you a lane change story just yet, not one that involves photography but I am working on that. I look forward to the project.
Though i have made a few lane changes from non-profit to corporate to state agencies over the years. Always in the search for a bigger challenge.