Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Embracing the Situation Can Result in a Favorite Photograph

On of the things I learned early on in my photography career was to embrace the situation. It's a good idea – one which may actually result in a favorite photograph. Here's an example.

While on my recent Southwest Photo Caravan, our group stopped in Arches National Park to photograph Turret Arch through North Window. Ten of us were shooting at the same time in basically the same lcoation– so as not to miss the beautiful early morning light. (Getting to this shooting position is not for the fainthearted. Be careful if you make the trek. Good hiking boots are must.)

One of our photographers found a good shooting position. The only "problem" was that he was in everyone's picture.

Embracing the situation, I took a photograph that included the photographer in the scene. Turns out, it's my favorite shot from the early morning shoot.

After I took the shot of the photographer, I handed my camera over to the photographer, Chuck Rohn, and directed him to take a shot of me in the same position. That's the shot the opens this blog post.

Below is the first shot I took of the scene. A shot taken by a million other photographers.

And below is another photograph of the same scene, shot much wider. Maybe 1/2 million photographers have taken a similar shot. I do like this shot, mostly because the strong shadow adds drama to the scene.

Hey! Let me know which shot you prefer, and which shot you'd take if you were there. You may like the shot that does not include the photographer.

We talk about stuff like this on my workshops. Hope you can join the photo fun. And, you don't even need to stay out of the picture! :-)

Explore the light,

P.S. If you sell to iStock, note that lifestyle pictures like the top shot often sell better than beautiful landscape pictures.

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Libby said...

I like image #1 at the top, not that fond of #3. But this scene is always beautiful and is a favorite.

That silhouette in #1 is fun with the hat and the camera. In part, the hat makes it.

Beautiful as alwas Rick.