Sunday, May 16, 2010

What Does Your Photography Mean To You?

Images Copyright Rick Sammon. All rights reserved.
Left: Original image. Right: Midnight Filter in Nik Color Efex Pro.

The Nik Summit in San Diego wrapped up yesterday. After our last shoot (San Diego Zoo), I did something that I do on all my workshops: I ask the participants, "What does your photography mean to you?"

Photographer Bree Renz (Bree Productions) was kind enough to write down the responses, which are condensed below. In reading them, think about what your photography means to you. I know it means a lot. Feel free to share your thoughts here.

Way of Life
Personal Evolution
Living Legacy
Be a Kid
New Dimension to My Life
Magic Carpet
Singing to My Soul

Explore the light - and explore your photography,


Kyle Reynolds said...

For me its all about connection. Connection to my subject. Connection to my surroundings. Connection to the environment. I feel a deep connection with my subject through my photography. Be it birds, deer, dogs, people, scenic landscapes, or events.

Roger said...

Photography is my way to look around me whether at the site of a beautiful sunset or in my back yard, finding light's play upon an object (s) and capture a feeling, thought or mood which I feel at the time.

Its gathering a scene, collecting objects in the picture frame and composing a photograph which captures the mood, feeling or simply the scene I imagine.

Kevin Thornhill said...

My photographs can tell a story, evoke emotion, transport the viewer to the location and allow them to share in that special moment. I aim to get the viewer’s eye to traverse the scene and arrange my shoots to accomplish this. The photo can show a world less seen, a world that is not depicted in the travel brochures or the evening news; the more I travel the more I cherish life. So I always carry a camera with me and I do not wait for exotic trips to capture images, but find inspiration in all things such as light, reflections and shadows. I enjoy pounding the concrete grabbing moments that inspire me. I have also recently begun to experiment with the world of portraiture with some promising results using my Nikon 50mm F1.8.

Aaron Babcock said...

I know creativity is probably a common answer, but when I'm shooting on a regular basis, it helps me find creative solutions and approaches to other areas of my life.

Jim said...

Photography is the tool that facilitates me to stop and smell the roses. It wakes me up to watch the beauty of on the road I travel instead of sleeping as I speed by it's wonders.

Carolyn Fox said...

It helps me see things in a new and wonderful way and allows me to share my vision with others.

I have a broken wrist and collar bone right now and that's preventing me from pursueing my passion. I'm trying to keep a positive attitude, but after four weeks, that's getting a little difficult. Hopefully, soon this will just be a memory and I'll be back to making pictures.

mouring said...

Photography to me is always about emotion or the lack of emotion within a picture.

The strong the emotion of the subject of scene the greater depth it draws me into it.

carol said...

What a great exercise! So fun to meet you and watch you work. Thanks for being so willing to help me and everyone else. Everyone at the Nik summit was truly blessed my your willingness to share and teach! Thanks my friend:)

Joan Case said...

Photography is a way to connect to my Creator and appreciate all the beauty that He has provided for us. And then to be able to record it all and pass it along for others to experience God's blessings, is a feeling like non other ...