Friday, May 28, 2010

Apps Update: Social Media App Now Availble for the iPad

My Social Media Marketing for Photographers app is now available for the iPad!

Before reading on, keep in mind that this app is a starter course, and not a college-level course, on Social Media. Basically, I share what have learned about the importance of Social Media.

Read about the app here.

Here is the link for the iPad version.

Here is the link for the iPhone version.

To celebrate the app, Juan Pons (the developer) and I are giving away five redeem codes. Please read this first about redeem codes. This is Apple's process.

Here are the free codes: I hope you were able to grab one!


My 24/7 Photo Buffet app, developed by Dr. Dave Wilson, is available for the iPhone. It will be available soon for the iPad. Stay tuned.

Hey, I am interested. How many of you guys have iPads?

Explore the Light,


Ray medna said...

Thank you Rick!!

Matt said...

Thanks for the code! Looking forward to checking it out.

Miles said...

I need to wake up earlier! Thanks for doing this, I'm just sorry I missed the freebie!

I still bought it though ;)

Rick Sammon said...

Miles - Sorry you missed the code.

Thank you,

Jim said...

If you purchased the iPhone app, is this a free upgrade?
I don't have the iPad yet. I'm in Montana and they don't carry the 3G version since AT&T is not available here. I'll pick one up when I get home.

Jim said...

BTW Rick, I know this is aimed at photographers, but I'm getting a lot of people interested in the App for other types of business as well. Such a wealth of information.

Thomas said...

Got my 3G iPad the day they were released. Good thing - they're hard to find now I hear. Got 64GB because 32GB was sold out. Not regretting it. I only have about 2GB free out of 64. I'm waiting for the camera connection kit to arrive. That's even harder to find than the iPad itself.

StellarPix said...

missed the code.. buying the app for the ipad anyway..

Anonymous said...

I am so looking forward to 24/7 Photo Buffet being on iPad...

Birmingham, AL

Anonymous said...

The Social Media App isn't available for the iPhone at iTunes any more. Are you planning on rereleasing it? I would really like to get a copy. I'm sorry I missed getting it earlier.