Friday, April 2, 2010

Social Media Marketing Week - Day 5

I am giving my Social Media Marketing talk at the Palm Springs Photo Festival this week. Good fun, and of course, good info if you want to grow your business.

This week's posts will focus on Social Media Marketing. I'll post a slide or two from my show along with a tip or two.

I had a ton of fun putting together this slide show. It features my favorite photographs paired with my favorite social media tips.

Today's advice: Rope people in using twitter, facebook and YouTube - using good content. Content is king! Also, good content will get folks to stampede to your site.

Explore the light,

P.S. At the festival, I will also be interviewing the pros for the podcast I do with Juan Pons over at the Digital Photo Experience.


SEO expert said...

Very nice post. I am very fond of you now :D

Ken Toney said...

I sure would like to make your social media talk. I will start on Monday getting my new website up (only have a glogger site now). Keep up with some social media info and loved the last DPE post!