Friday, April 16, 2010

Look To This Day

Click image to enlarge.

My good friend John Isaac sent me these nice words today.

Thank you John.

Your friend,


Manny said...

Beautiful photo with the moon behind the mountains. BTW...Photo Buffet is an awesome app. Did I win a 7D? Ha ha!!! Take care.

ShebaJo said...

awesome . you have a great friend

Michelle Smith, Photographer said...

I love it - thank you for sharing!

Liam said...

words of wisdom for sure, i just wish more people took this understanding to heart

Ken Toney said...

Something very nice to think about, like photography.

john4jack said...

Excellent quote. Rick - what I appreciate about you is that like Dave duChemin, you place a higher priority on being a human being than being a photographer. It is my belief that this is integral to the quality of your photography. Your humanity shines through.