Saturday, April 10, 2010

Light Reveals - Shadows Define

When I give a photography presentation, I always mention one of my favorite photography quotes/messages: Light illuminates, shadows define.

Think about it. Check out the photograph on the left. Without the shadows, this scene would have little definition.

Moving on....

Today, I received a very nice email about my dad's passing last week from Buzz Cherry in Seattle, WA. Buzz thanked me for giving a presentation in Seattle shortly after I learned of my dad's quick passing. (My dad always said the show must go on, so I gave the presentation for him.)

Anyway, Buzz wrote:
Perhaps your quote applies beyond photography:
Light - reveals
Shadows - define

Think about it.....

Explore the light - and the shadows. And.... shine in the shadows.


Jim said...

Rick, this post has touched my heart more then you can ever know. It spoke directly to my life and circumstances. I've always had great respect for you but it has just moved to a new level.


Jim Dicecco
Product Educator - Seattle region.

Anonymous said...


I've heard you say this millions of times, and I hear it in my head all the time when I'm shooting and also editing. My images are much stronger and have much more impact because I now pay more attention to this.

Thanks a bunch!


Michael Mauro said...

I'd never thought of light and shadows in those terms but you are right and put it very succinctly. Sorry to hear of the passing of your father.

JustLyle said...

Nice thoughts - condolences on your father's death.