Thursday, April 1, 2010

Canon Explorers of Light at Palm Springs Photo Festival

Hey All

From left to right: John Paul, Chris, yours truly and Vincent - all Canon Explorers of Light taking a break after teaching at the Palm Springs Photo Festival.

An honor to be teaching with these dudes . . . even though I am the oldest dude!!!

Explore the light,
P.S. Canon's Barbara Ellison (who is also a wonderful fine-art photographer/printer) took this fun shot!


Tom McKean said...

Well. If you're the oldest dude. Then you should be the brightest one in the group. Congrats to "The Canon Explorer's of Light."

They have done a lot in teaching photography in the industry.

Ken Toney said...

Rick, I would have to say by looking at this great photo..your hair is as grey as mine. I've noticed lately that around friends etc. i'm usually the oldest guy, time flys when your having fun.