Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Topaz Labs Tuesday

Topaz Adjust is one of my favorite plug-ins. It's not a true HDR plug-in, but it can expand the dynamic range of an image - with a click of your mouse or a tap of your stylus.

Here you see how a relatively flat image (bottom) was transformed into a much more dramatic image using the Spicify effect in Topaz Adjust. Also notice how the washed-out floor in the bottom image has more detail and color in the top image.

When using Topaz Adjust, take the time to adjust each slider - especially the Noise slider, as the Topaz noise control (also available in a separate, more sophisticated plug-in, Topaz DeNoise) is one of the best noise reduction methods out there.

You can learn more about Topaz Adjust and other plug-ins – and get discounts on some plug-ins – at the Plug-in Experience.

While you are on the Topaz site, check out the Photoshop Bundle. It can save you a bundle!

Explore the Light,

P.S I am giving a HDR talk at the Apple Store in SoHo in NYC on April 7th. Hope you can join the fun.


Greg V said...

That's a great example of what Topaz can do. In a future article can you give some guidance on any steps you take in CS4 after you bring in the changes made by Topaz? I normally try various blend layers and opacity changes.

Ken Toney said...

I have also been using the single image process in Photomatix. You do have to set your tone compressor settings each time (the settings zero out each time they are used) but the results are great. I usually use details enhancer when using multiple bracketed shots but with one photo the compressor works better. Have you tried these Rick?