Monday, March 1, 2010

Topaz Adjust 4 is Just Too Cool!

The latest version of Topaz Adjust - Topaz Adjust 4 - is now available for download from Topaz Labs. It features a new interface and new presets for more creativity and more fun.

Followers of this blog and readers of my articles know that Topaz is one of my favorite plug-ins - because artistic effects can be created with a click of a mouse (or tap of a stylus).

When I want to create an artistic HDR image (as opposed to a realistic HDR image), I use Photomatix first and then open the file in Topaz. Spicify is my favorite effect, which I used here on this South Beach HDR image.

While you are on Topaz Adjust page of the Topaz web site, click on my mug shot to see more of my Topaz Adjust images. And during your self-guided tour of Topaz plug-ins, check out the Photoshop Bundle - because you can save a bundle :-)

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Kris said...

I just downloaded this last night after getting my upgrade alert from Topaz via email. Still trying time to take it for a spin.

Recently, I upgraded from Topaz Adjust to the full Topaz suite, and it's nice to see that TA 4 has the new interface as Topaz Detail and I believe some of the others.

All around great stuff.

- Kris

Gremlin666 said...

I only got Topaz after seeing all the cool things Rick was doing with it..... I learned from the master.

I like the new 4.0 ... it takes a "shade" longer to get to the point where I can do anything.... but once it's loaded it's much faster.

Does anybody know of any site where people save presets etc? That would be fun