Friday, March 19, 2010

HDR: Realistic or Artistic? The Choice is Yours.

I receive many emails about HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography - mostly because I speak and blog and tweet and podcast and write about HDR - which I am heavily into.

The question I am most often asked: Do you like artistic HDR images (top image) or realistic HDR images (below)?

I suggest that the subject often determines the best effect. For my Cuba car shot, I thought artistic looked cool, but for my temple shot, I felt as though realistic was the only way to go.

Think about that the next time you sit down to create an HDR image. The choice is yours.

Here's an article I wrote on HDR if you'd like more info.

If you'd like a lot more info, check out my next book, HDR Photography Secrets - due out late April.

And, if you like to shoot HDR images, join one of my workshops. We shoot at this temple on my Croton Shoots.

Explore the light,

P.S. You can get a discount on Photomatix, the HDR program I use, at the Plug-in Experience. Check out Topaz Adjust while you are there. I used that plug-in on my Cuba car shot to help create the artistic look.

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Ben Lindstrom said...

You picked two interesting pictures where the subject matter is clear and the HDR doesn't interfere with the image.

Where HDR tends to urk me is when it's used to expose so much detail in the overall image that you lose track of the subject matter.

However, that issue transcends HDR so I can't blame it on HDR. Just the "oohh new toy" exciting people have with it (look at when NoiseNinja and other high powered sharpening and noise reduction tools were introduced and the massively over sharpened image that came about for the first few years).