Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Four Levels of Learning

Photograph © Rick Sammon. All rights reserved.

Here is something to think about in your quest for becoming a good photographer - The four levels of learning.

1 Unconscious Incompetence - We think we are kinda good.

2 Conscious Incompetence - We know we need help.

3 Conscious Competence - We know we are good.

4 Unconscious Competence - The level we all want to reach in the things we care passionately about. We don’t really have to think too much about what we are doing . . . we just do it!

Post a comment here as to your level. I'd love to hear from you.

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Chris Barnes said...

Good list - I'd argue a 2a level - We're pretty good but we think we suck.

Tittan said...

Hi Rick.

I know I'm on the second level when it comes to photography. I am like a sponge, who suck knowledge from wherever, but who has to little time processing it. I do learn new things every day though, thanks to the 365-project I have, and by following you, and other photographers both on twitter, via blogs, and other places.

Oh, and thanks for making the fantastic iPhone app "Photo Buffet". I got it today, and I think it's awesome! :)

Radek said...

yes, i agree - kuudos to the Photo Buffet app Rick ! regarding level i am level 2 either.

p.s i like You changed Your theme to white - more clean and readable this way ! Black was a bummer for me (from designer point of view i would say white text on a black canvas - not a great idea - heavy on the eyes :) of course great content is what matters at the end so i never abandoned your blog ! Keep up the good work !

EPFehr said...

Excellent summary of knowledge and proficency. I would say I am at a level 2. I've taken a couple of courses at the photo store, read a couple of books but am so far from being a great photographer. Thanks for the post.

Robin said...

i'm stuck at level 2 right now. i read and practice then read and practice some more.

so far i haven't come up with a single photo that i have felt was worthy enough to print.

my goal this spring and summer is to produce 1 photo and print and hang on my wall.

Charlie in Central Florida said...

I agree with Chris.. tween 2 and 3.
Other people think I do better than I think I do.

Honza Jílek said...

Hi Rick,

I'm doing my best to get up from level 2 but it takes some time and a lot of practice .... :(

Ken Toney said...

Rick, I heard you talk about this on a blog last week and I had to rewind it and listen again it was so good. Am I like Clapton....well. I feel like I can probably be all 4 at times. I think I am close to 4 because I have been shooting 35 years and It comes fairly natural. All these "ly" words (faily,probably) kind of put me in the 3 range maybe. If i'm not 4 I will always strive for it.

Shelle said...

Hi Rick,

I think I would place myself at a level 2. I would love to take a class or to be avle to spend more time studying photography and composition. For now I just participate in a 365 challenge & try to learn from my mistakes!

Jason Anderson said...

It's funny though, conscious incompetence and conscious competence may not be mutually exclusive. As the king of self-deprecation (well, not the king, but you know what I mean), there's shots where I know it's pretty good but I am self-deprecating sometimes in looking for validation. People tell me to stop doing that! :)

Joseph Hoetzl said...

Oh, I thought this was going to be:

AS - Ain't Sh*t
BS - Bull Sh*t
MS - More Sh*t
Ph.d - Piled Higher & Deeper


Ed V. said...

Definitely smack dab in the middle of 1 & 2. You could say I've just graduated from the "UI School of Photography" but instead of help I need practice.

PhotoJ said...

Somewhere between 2 and 3, unless it is a lighting thing then it would be a solid 2.