Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"Elephant Attacks Pro Photographer"

Hey Gang,

I have photographed my fair share of elephants in Africa. The sunset shot here, taken in Botswana, is one of my favorites.

Over the years, I have had a few close encounters with elephants and other African animals - during the day and at night.

Tune in tomorrow for the story behind the top picture.

Explore the light - and be careful when on safari!


Andi said...

Wow, I hope that you're okay! On another note, that photo with the elephant and sunset is BREATHTAKING!!! Wow!

Brodiefoto said...

Hey Rick!
Thanks for the post! I've been charged by a lone bull elephant in Zimbabwe before.
I got a little closer than he liked me being. When I go back in April I'm hoping not to have a repeat performance.

Here is a link to my zimbabwe pictures which includes one of the elephant before charging me.

Ken Toney said...

May be the other way around! Elephant looks scared.

Buddy said...

Sounds like you need to read up on my blog about avoiding the ellie - http://www.chobesafari.com/trip-tips/elephants-minimizing-the-chance-of-a-charge-and-how-to-handle-a-charge.html

I wouldn't have written it if I had not gotten a little too close last trip with my son driving (who is a total newbie at a. driving in sand and b. manual transmission. Bad combo when you round the corner and there's an elephant in the road. :)