Thursday, February 4, 2010

No Flower Blooms For 1,000 Days

No flower blooms for 1,000 days.
- Chinese proverb

Tech info on this image:
Canon EOS 1Ds
100mm macro lens
f/13 @ 1/60th sec.
Canon MR 14-EX ringlight
ISO 100

If you are serious about close-up photography, invest in a macro lens and ringlight . . . as well as a sturdy tripod.

Quick close-up tip: Watch your focus and background very carefully. Even at small apertures, depth-of-field is very limited.

All my gear is listed on this page of my site.

The 1st update of my app will be available next week. I've added an entire lesson on close-up photography. Also added: Shooting in the snow.

Explore the light,
P.S. Does this flower remind you of anything?


Bill Mueller said...

Great image Rick. It reminds me of a flemenco dancer with her cape flashing behind only she has the head of a duck

Jim said...

I prefer the twin light. Maybe we should do some comparison shots between the two types of speedlites.

Tovit said...

Great presentation today at Unique. Love your books too. This flower looks like the giraffe you were shooting in Africa...on your Youtube clip.