Saturday, February 20, 2010

24/7 Photo Safari App Being Developed

Dr. Dave Wilson and I are currently developing our next app: Rick Sammon's 24/7 Photo Safari.

The app, due out in May, is divided into six text/photo sections:

• Wildlife

• Captive Animals

• People

• Landscapes

• Cityscapes

• Underwater

There is also a section that features five Photoshop movies:

• Creating the Panning Effect

• Faking the Full-Frame Fish-eye Lens Effect

• Saving a Back-lit Shot

• Simulating Rear-curtain Synch

• Wow Them With the Telephoto Lens Effect

In our Help section, you can read about the team that assembled the app. While you are there, you can also check out some links and make suggestions for this app and future Rick Sammon 24/7 apps.

Hey! If you have a suggestion for an app, let me know here.

Explore the light,



Jeff Kane said...

Rick / Dave - looking forward to it.

* How about some biology? For example (may be links) for each animal used as a "model" how about some sense of when they mate, young are born, times they are active, etc.
* Given most animals seem to be active in ISO3200 - how about a section on making great shots in low light?
* Packing checklist?
* Maybe a "Canon/Nikon/Sony..." what the pros use, and how amateurs can get results similar?
* Flash? How, when, how, how much?

You get what you pay for with advice!



Anonymous said...


I'm going to make what may seem like a radical suggestion: Don't include a section on captive animals. As the tragic event last week at Sea World showed us, animals are not meant to be kept in captivity. Most captive animals are denied access to their natural habitat and are unable to engage in normal behaviors that are instinctive to their respective species.

There are plenty of places where we can go to observe and photograph animals in the wild, where they belong. Rather than have a section in your app for captive animals, how about encouraging photographers to get out to national parks and other wilderness areas where they can photograph animals in their natural habitat?