Sunday, January 17, 2010

Arrrr! ISO 6400 Rocks - As Does Render > Lighting Effects


Our band of pirates (my workshop participants) just got off the Black Raven Pirate Ship here in St. Augustine, Florida. What fun - and what great photo opportunities.

Here is a sharp shot I took with my Canon 5D Mark II set at ISO 6400 - an ISO setting that I would not have even considered (even if available) two years ago!

To enhance the lighting, I opened the image in Photoshop, applied the Midnight Filter in Nik Software's Color Efex Pro (get a discount here), and then went to Render > Lighting Effects and selected the Spot Light effect. Kinda cool. Try it, you will like it.

Of course, being Rick "The Name of the Game is to Fill the Frame" Sammon, I cropped the picture tighter.

Hey, I gotta get this dude together with Russell Brown - who has been seen dressing like and talking like a pirate. Come to the Maui Photo Festival to see his Pirate Project. Way cool!

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Jason Collin Photography said...

I try to think of your words Rick whenever I am cropping or composing a shot (fill the frame). Sometimes it takes a good deal of bravery to do so as tough choices to crop out cool stuff are not always made.

However, I am always telling others to fill the frame!

Clay said...

Great shot and post-processing! Bet it might look nice with sepia tone too or maybe a painterly effect.

Have to agree that biggest mistake amateurs make is not getting in close enought on their subjects.