Monday, December 7, 2009

Manual Exposure Mode Is a Must for Panos

If you are new to creating panos (Photoshop's Photomerge makes it soooooo easy), here are a few quick tips:

- Use a tripod with a pan head.
- Set your camera vertically (just trust me).
- Overlap your images by at least 1/3.
- Set your exposure to manual (as I did for the top photo).
- After focusing, set your focus to manual.

If you don't set your exposure to the manual exposure mode, the image will not be evenly exposed - as illustrated in the bottom photo.

Want to have some real fun? Shoot an HDR pano!

Explore the light,


Gremlin666 said...

Manual mode doh!!!! (Smacks forehead)
That's why my skies were always so funky.

You're the man Rick!

Paul said...

I'll bite - why should the camera be set vertically? By that, do you mean "portrait" vs. "landscape?

Matt said...

It's funny though; I like the bottom photo better!

Rick Sammon said...

Paul.. you need to hold your camera in the portrait mode because when you stitch you pano, you lose stuff on the top and bottom of the frame.

Good luck.

Matt.. The light is better in the bottom photo... but the sky is not evenly exposed.