Friday, December 11, 2009

Hungry For Photo Info? Rick's 24/7 Photo Buffet iPhone App Opening Soon.

Hey Gang,

I've been cookin' up my iPhone app - Rick's 24/7 Photo Buffet - with Dr. Dave Wilson for the past two months. We're just about ready to open! But, we'd like your feedback first.

Following is a draft of our announcement, which includes the price point we are considering.

Please let us know what you think here on my blog. It's easier to track comments here than on twitter and facebook.

Thanks a ton!

Explore the app,

Rick’s 24/7 Photo Buffet

Rick Sammon’s Photo Buffet iPhone application is the best of Rick. It’s like:

• attending one of his seminars;

• participating in one of his workshops;

• getting the best tips from his 34 books;

• listening to the top tips on his podcasts;

• watching clips from his Web TV shows and DVDs.

In essence, the app is like having Rick in your hip pocket to help you become a gourmet photographer – 24/7.

Although developed for SLR photographers, the app has all the ingredients for compact camera shooters who have an appetite for making good pictures. What’s more, many of the recipes can be applied to iPhone photographers who want to turn their snapshots into great shots.

The fun-to-use app is divided into four major sections:

Seeing – How to see a picture in your mind’s eye.

Making – How to make a great picture rather than simply take a picture.

Editing – How to enhance your pictures in the digital darkroom.

Tips – Rick’s photo A-Z tips, Special Situations, File Management, Gear, and Homework.

There is also a Help section in which you can make comments on the app and post suggestions for future apps.

Topics include: kids, nighttime, sunrises and sunsets, fireworks, panoramas, lenses, aperture, shutter speed, white balance, exposure, fill flash, filters, animals, people, scenery, lighting, ISO, photo editing software, rainy days, waterfalls, wildlife, workflow, accessories, computers, Rick’s gear, Dave’s gear and much more.

Subjects are explained using Rick’s words, photographs, live-action movies, and screen movies.

You can digest all of this info this for $4.99 – and snack on the tips when you are hungry for photo info.

Explore the App!


Brenda Godwin said...

I absolutely will buy and use this app when it's available.

StephenG said...

I think 4.99 is more than fair for this app. I would also use it

Batt 57

Ken Dickson said...

Rick - looks great and a fair price point. Bring it out - I need it!!

NotYourAvgJoe said...

I think if you want to make a killing on this app like Chase Jarvis did, then you should price it at 99cents or 1.99. At this price you will sell a lot more than at five dollars.

Having said that, Im sure that you would sell them at $5 just that many people that would not give it a second thought at a buck, might pass on it at $5.

Jeff Kane said...

Rick -

$4.99 seems a good price point for something this content rich. I think it not fair to compare to "camera" apps - which are cool, but seem different than your intent.

Do you have a mailing list to let us know when it's available?


cwbates said...

I agree with NotYourAvgJoe My understanding of the top selling applications in the iTunes Store are generally the .99 ones.

It isn't fair to compare apps. But you have to be realistic since that tends to be human nature when it comes to shopping.

If there is a lot of content in your app as per your Blog Post then I will be taking a really good look at it.

ScottyB said...

I can hardly wait for the app to hit the store! Anything that's even close to being at Rick's seminar has to be great -- and the price isn't bad!

But that being said, I do have to agree with those concerned about the pricing. If I was a photographer who didn't already know about Rick, I'd never even consider a $5 app...I'd just pass it by and keep on looking.

Hannu said...

Will definitely take a close look. Five bucks is not a show stopper if the content is good.