Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Great day for the fox, but not so much for the squirrel

My friend, George Lepp, our most recent addition to the talented writing staff over at the Digital Photo Experience, sent me this picture yesterday that he took outside his window. His caption: Great day for the fox, but not so much for the squirrel.

George's comments reminded me of one of my favorite quotes: "The harder you work, the luckier you become." I am sure the fox worked hard at capturing the squirrel - but luck played a part.

As photographers, the harder you work, the luckier you will become. I know! I work hard.

Explore the light,


Carolyn Fox said...

You really do work hard. I've seen you in action! :) Since my last name is Fox, I'd really like to get a picture of a fox & I've never been able to do it. We've had a couple in our backyard, but never when I had a camera in hand. I guess I'll have to work harder at it.

I have a couple of "experimental" pics from Fossil Rim on my blog today if you want to take a look. http://www.foxdenimages.blogspot.com Have a great and productive day, Rick!

Rhonda Holcomb said...

Rick, this is a wonderful post!
Love the picture too!

Wishing you a Happy New Year-Hope it's the best ever!