Sunday, November 22, 2009

Use Your Camera Like a Spaceship

Here's an idea: Use your camera like a spaceship. Rather than taking all your pictures at eye level, move your camera up and down and shoot from different heights. Tilt it down to the left or right - or up or down. Rotate your camera during a long exposure.

Break all the rules. Have fun.

I took this shot in Cuba while kneeling on the ground. I enhanced the already great color with Topaz Adjust. More info on Topaz and ordering info on the Plug-in Experience.

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Linda van Rosmalen said...

I thought maybe you meant sparingly and only when going really far away from home! harharhar.

Prajit said...

Hi Rick, Could you please let me know your workflow while using topaz? Do you export your images from lightroom in jpeg format and then use topaz in photoshop?

Jon Phillips said...

I find myself playing with camera position more often. It seems like I end up on my knees or laying all the way flat on the ground to get the shot I'm after. Its worth it, but my clothes get filthy.