Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanks Doug! Here is a Photo Philosophy Just For You!

First, thank you All for your suggestions about a possible cover for my next book. I really do appreciate your comments.

Doug's comment stuck out: "Your blog has been beating us over the head with HDR lately..."

Okay Doug, sorry for the beating - and thanks for reading. And thank you for one of the longer comments.

This one's for you - posted because I do listen, and because I am guilty as charged :-) Sorry, I just love HDR.

Here are two tips for photographing people:

1) Always remember that the camera looks both ways. Keep in mind that when picturing a person, you are also picturing a part of yourself. Therefore, the mood, energy, feeling and emotion that you project is reflected in your subject. Looking at these pictures, I am sure you can tell how I was feeling when I snapped the shutter.

2) Always respect the subject. He or she can tell in a second if you don't.

Doug, happy now? :-) :-) :-)

Seriously, thank you all for your comments.

Happy Turkey Day to everyone!

Explore the stuffing,

P.S. Speaking of comments, send them and your questions to me at I'll try to use them on my new podcast with Juan Pons.


Carolyn Fox said...

I guess moderation in all things is good, but personally I've enjoyed your posts.

Happy Thanksgiving!

See you at Fossil Rim.

Torsten said...

Just wondering why did you stop doing the podcast with Scott Bourne? You don't have to tell every one If you don't want to but I would sure like an answer.


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and i was wondering about the podcast myself Rick. Also thanks for sharing your time with us,,,I enjoy your views!

Howard J said...

Rick there's never a need to apologize for loving HDR! I've loved all the posts about HDR and everything else as well, congrats on the book, and looking forward to it and all others you're working on. thanks for sharing these great tips with us.