Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Canon 5D Mark II Slot Canyons Digital Diaries Post #1

Hi All

Just got back from shooting at Lower Antelope Canyon. Here is a favorite shot. HDR. Just a quick processing job. Will tweak when I get back home in a week.

Shot at Upper Antelope Canyon this AM. Great fun, too.

You gotta get here to shoot. Book a photo tour and come at this time of year. Fewer tourists ruining your shots.

Horseshoe Bend is 10 minutes away. Monument Valley is about two hours away. Plan a great five-day trip. Don't forget your tripod.

Explore the Light,


Bob said...

I just bought a 5D Mark II and I am heading to Antelope Canyon in the Fall. As you might imagine I have questions regarding settings used and equipment. Did you use any filters like a circular polarizing or a warming filter? Any suggestions on aperature, ISO, and white balance?
I really liked the picture you posted which I believe was in lower antelope. What I would like to achieve is that deep redish hue and I am wondering if I should be using a smaller aperature to get a longer exposure. I would be interested in any advice or comments you might want to offer.
Bob Hart
Santa Rosa, CA

Rick Sammon said...

hi bob

use a tripod. shoot HDR. the only way to go!

thank you