Saturday, November 14, 2009

Calibrating Is King If You Want Great Color

Pros who are serious about color take the time to calibrate their desktop monitor, laptop, printer and digital projector - on a regular basis. No calibration, no good color.

If you are new to color calibration, check out the ColorMunki. It's accurate, fast, easy and actually fun to use. Hey, with a name like ColorMunki, what do you expect?

Check out the ColorMunki site, and don't miss the Training Videos.

And . . . don't miss their cool contest, Show Us Your Munki, and win up to $2,500! Some funny videos are posted already!

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Dave said...

I've been calibrating my monitors since the first Spyder came out. I'm concerned what will happen when my current Sony Trinitron 19" CRT goes. Will Crockett over at says sorry there are no sub $1000 LCD monitors that are good enough for pro photo work. Do you agree with that? I'm not prepared to drop $1K on just a monitor.