Friday, November 6, 2009

Any Guesses?

Hi All

Any guesses as to what plug-in I used - and how I use it - to transform a straight shot into a more impressionistic image?

No clue? Well, open an image and experiment (as I did) with the following plug-ins: Color Efex Pro by Nik Software, Photo Tools by onOne Software, and Topaz Adjust by Topaz Labs. One gave me this cool effect.

If no one gets the correct answer, I'll post on Sunday.

The real point of this post: Play with plug-ins! You may be surprised at the creative effects you accidentally discover- as I was!

For more on plug-ins, see the Plugin Experience.

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Greybeard Images said...

it looks a lot like fractalius

Carlos Echenique said...

Topaz Adjust on the Psychedelic setting.

Mario R Burgos said...

This one is easy, that's Topaz Adjust by Topaz Labs ;-)

Kitty said...

Well, I've been using Topaz adjust and having lots of fun with it so i'm voting for TA.
One thing I is that you can only use in it a specific order, say if you are doing other adjustments, it seem's like most the time it is unavailable.
You can turn those adjustments off for the moment and you'll be able to use TA, but when you turn them back on, there are usually some differences in what you thought you were getting.
Is there a particular order recommended?

JudgeDanny said...

I'll take a wild shot in the dark and say Topaz Adjust :)

Jeremy said...

Kitty -
You can't run Topaz Adjust on an adjustment layer. However, if you want to do other adjustments first, you can then hold down the ALT-key on Windows (Option on mac) and on the Layers pallet select the drop down on the top right corner and choose "Merge Visible" (Or hit CTRL-SHIFT-ALT/option-E) and it will create a new top level layer which is a summary of your base layer + all your adjustment layers. You can now run Topaz Adjust or other plugins on this new summary layer. Be aware, though, that the summary layer is not live, so any further changes to the adjustment layers below it will not change the top summary layer.

mdruziak said...

Rick, I really like the way the second photo looks. However, for a guy that doesn't have the plug-ins you suggested, we are talking about a $300 investment to purchase them! Yeah I realize you can download demo versions. But for us guys on a limited budget, how about showing us how to make this style photo without ANY plugins?

kevingedny said...

Looks like the wonderful Topaz Adjust to me

Gremlin666 said...

Topaz simplify

Don LaVange said...

I'm with everyone else. Topaz adjust (but I haven't used those other plugins).

Rick Sammon said...

Mdz.. Topaz Adjust is $50. Give it a try. And, I actually don't know how to create that effect w/out it.


Rick Sammon said...

Yes! It is Topaz Adjust/Spicify. But.... try to create that effect and you'll see that you need to do something else to get a dramatically soft and impressionistic image. Any guesses?

I know I could tell you, but you'll find it more fun and rewarding trying to create a similar effect.

If no one gets it, I will post the answer on Sunday.

Thank you all for playing along!


Samantha Decker said...

I was going to say....Topaz Adjust alone can't produce that effect alone. Rick, I'm thinking you used Simplify to make it softer and more impressionistic?

Rick Sammon said...

To create that artistic effect. Boost the strength in Topaz Adjust/Spicify all the way (picture will look too sharp and pixelated), and then reduce the noise by moving the slider WAY to the right. I find this technique works best on low-res images, which I then upsize.

NotYourAvgJoe said...

This is a Topaz Filter. Its not a straight preset. You either tweaked one of the presets or you created two versions and masked them together.

The Sky is detailed and the grass looks like a portrait smooth effect.