Sunday, October 18, 2009

Jump Into Creative Outdoor Lighting

Here is an excerpt from Studio and On Location Lighting Secrets, my latest book. It's co-authored by NYC photographer Vered Koshlano.

Throughout this book you’ll find the dozens of examples of controlling the light in the studio with many different types of lighting set-ups. Well, you can use these accessories outdoors, too, as illustrated by these photographs (Vered's) – which also illustrates the importance of choosing an appropriate background.

In the top-left photograph, a remote flash, mounted on a stand and placed in a softbox, was fired remotely to freeze the action of the jumping model. Compare the contrast and detail in that image to the bottom image. That image looks flat, because the day was overcast, and overcast days produce flat lighting.

Triggering a flash outdoors (and indoors) is easy. We use PocketWizards. If you are looking for a softbox for your flash (for outdoor and indoor use), check out the Apollo softboxes from Westcott.

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