Friday, October 16, 2009

Hudson River Photogrpahy Workshops Week III: Cool Low-Light Shot

Workshop participant Jeremy Pollack took this VERY low-light shot last night at Bella Paula restaurant here in Croton-on-Hudson, NY with his Canon 5D Mark II, 85mm lens set at f/1.2. ISO was 3200. It's a hand-held shot.

Don't ya love the tack-sharp focus on the eyes and the blurred background - and of course the shallow depth-of-field.

Processing: Lightroom with a touch of Noise Ninja using Convert to Smart Filter so that the effect was only applied to the background.

We made the picture, asking Paula to pose in just the right light, hold the wine glass up to her mouth, turn her body and look over her shoulder, and give us a certain "look."

Making pictures is what we do here on the workshops - and what we encourage photographer to do.

Go out and make some great pictures this weekend. Share them on my flickr group: Creative Eyes and Minds.

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Daniel Fealko said...

Now that's a nice, easy on the eyes, photo. Makes me wish I owned a Canon 5D Mark II with a f/1.2 85mm lens. For right now though, both are a tad outside my budget. Of course, with the way technology is going, maybe I'll be able to have those capabilities within my price range in the not too distant future. At least this shot shows what is possible in low-light. (I really dislike most flash photos I've seen.)