Wednesday, October 21, 2009

HDR: Have it Your Way

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Hey Gang!

After posting my guitar/piano HDR image here earlier this week, a photo buddy asked to see the original set of images - and asked to see how I'd create a more natural-looking image.

The image on the left (thanks to reader for correcting my L & R) is the middle shot from five exposures at, over and under 0 exposure compensation.

The middle shot (Photomatix only) is a more natural-looking image than the artist image on the right (Photomatix + Topaz Adjust).

When it comes to HDR, have it your way! Realistic or Artistic.

For more HDR info and a discount on the Photomatix, the HDR program I use, click here.

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dusanmal said...

Not to be nitpicking, but you likely wanted to say that image on the LEFT is the one taken at 0 exposure compensation... (From frequent experiences with my wife while driving: "Go left, go left, GO LEFT!... while strongly waving hand and repeatedly pointing to the... RIGHT :) )