Thursday, October 22, 2009

Enter Lightroom 3

Last week at our Hudson River Photography Workshops, Photoshop Lightroom 2 rocked the house.

This week, Adobe announced Photoshop Lightroom 3 BETA. Lots of cool features, as you'll see on the Adobe Labs site. For me, the best feature: Getting the best from ever shot.

I took this shot of the New Croton Dam last week on our Workshop with my Canon 5D Mark II. The fog was amazing. I had not seen it before - and I have lived here for 25 years. It was also snowing and freezing!

The dam was built in 1906, so I thought the Creative - Sepia preset in Lightroom was appropriate.

Tip: Take the color out of a scene, and you remove some of the reality. Remove some of the reality, and a picture becomes more artistic.

Download Lightroom 3 BETA.. and let the games begin! Great fun - and great creative enhancements await....

Explore the Light,
P.S. Yes! The world famous Julieanne Kost (dressed in all black, of course) is here at the show talking about all the cool features of Lightroom 3.


JVL said...

One of the great (and FUN!) ways to use the new Beta of Lightroom is through the direct Flickr publisher - it'll even track comments made on your photos!

Learn more about them at the wonderful adobe TV at

Dave said...

Great to meet the Master in person and see your wonderful presentation on HDR at the Lexar booth today.

James Andrews said...

Would have been nice if they enabled catalog upgrades. so I could upgrade a copy of a catalog and it's changes instead of having to start from scratch.

JVL - Couldn't care less about Flickr integration. I'd rather see the ability to edit in more than 2 external apps. Since there are a lot of apps I like to use but have to do the work after the fact because it only allows 2 external editors. I care more about my work flow than putting my work on social media sites where people can steal my imagery.

Kevin said...

Still very surprised that they have not added a more network centric/collaborative approach like other modern programs. My girlfriend and I both do photography together. I don't think it is too much to ask for the ability to share a catalog across multiple users.

From a larger shop (where I work) this one function would make it go from ok, that is nice... to must-have. Right now some people use LR, others use Bridge.

Lisa P. in FL said...

I'm reading the blog with my kids this morning (ages 7 and 4) and they said, "What is that?" Without even reading what the post was about, we validated the artistry. Removing the color made it hard to even tell what it was at first. I explained it was a dam. My 7-year-old said it looks like a monster eating a wall. :)