Thursday, October 29, 2009

Canon 7D/5D Diaries from San Miguel de Allende #2

Day #2: Walked the city for about four hours this morning. Met many artists who live here. It's quite an artistic city.

Tip #2: Awaken the artist within with Plug-ins. Many plug-ins let you alter the reality of a scene. When you alter the reality, your pictures can take on an artistic look - and feel. 

Here's another tip when shooting in a city: Get up and out before the city "wakes up," and be prepared to walk for a few hours. Comfortable shoes are needed. A map, too.

I used Topaz Adjust on these two pictures. In each picture, the colors, details and contrast was boosted.

More on plug-ins at the Plugin Experience.

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Dave said...

A question not a comment, should have asked you at Photo East. When to use Photomatix vs Topaz or are they different animals? Thanks, Dave

Rick Sammon said...

Photomatix is TRUE HDR. Topaz is cool. It's not true HDR.. but like ACR and Photoshop, etc... it let's you control shadows and highlights to a degree.

Here in San Miguel de Allende, all my shots are processed first in Photomatix.

Thanks, Dave