Saturday, September 5, 2009

Snow Leopard Information

What? You were expecting info on Apple's new Snow Leopard? Well, there's a ton of info on the Web about the latest and greatest OS from Apple, I really can't add anything more.

However, with Snow Leopard on my mind, I thought I'd go through my files and find a snow leopard image and share some info. Here goes:

• Shot at the Bronx Zoo, behind a fence. I used my 100-400mm zoom set at 400mm and f/6. I held the lens close to the fence and tried not to get any of the fence wires in the frame. The wide aperture and long lens setting blurred the wires, making them disappear. The wide aperture also blurred the background.

• I waited to catch the yawn. Patience is very important in animal photography.

• I followed the animal around until it had some natural catch light in the eyes. Catch light is important in animal photography. You can also add catch light with a flash.

• I set my exposure compensation (while in the Av mode) to - 1/3 so as not to blow out the highlights.

• I created the drop shadow in Photoshop using Layer Styles. The black line around the image was created by selecting the entire image and then by going to Edit > Stroke in Photoshop.

Enough about my snow leopard. I'm off to upgrade to Snow Leopard!

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Carolyn Fox said...

Love the snow leopard image! Great tips about Layer Style and Stroke too. Any snow leopards at Fossil Rim?

Rick Sammon said...

No snow leopards at fossil rim... but other great cats!!!

Carolyn Fox said...

Did you know that the cheetahs at Fossil Rim came from the Kansas City Zoo?