Monday, September 14, 2009

Promote Yourself With a Bookmark

My guess is that most readers of this blog sell prints or want to sell prints. Others may want magazine assignments. Still others may want commercial gigs.

A cool way to promote yourself and your work is with a bookmark - one that you can hand out or send out for free - or include with an order. The idea is to keep you and your work in the mind of the customer or potential customer.

You can print and trim your own bookmarks. You can even sign them.

Tons of commercial bookmark makers are on the web. Here's one.

One of the keys to making an attractive bookmark is to start with a photo that can cropped vertically. You add the white space (or color of your choice) by using Canvas Size in Photoshop.)

I took this shot today here in Maui. The first Maui Photo Festival starts soon!

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Donna Rosser said...

Great Idea! I will use this.