Friday, September 11, 2009

Big Pano, Small Camera

Who says you need the best digital SLR on the planet to make a great (ok, fun) pano? Sure, all those megapixels help, especially when you want to make a big print and when there is a lot of contrast in the scene.

However, if you are on a budget and only have a compact camera, you can still make cool pano for a Web site or blog - or when making a small print.

I made this pano today at Mt. Rainier with my Canon G10 during the Aperture Nature Photography Workshop. I took four images, hand-held, from left to right, overlapping each image by 1/3. I set my camera to manual exposure - which resulted in an even exposure throughout the image.

From Adobe Bridge, I selected the images and used Photomerge to create the pano.

Have some fun this fall taking some panos of fall foliage!

Explore the light,


Fortunatas said...

Rick, you've just confirmed the golden rule - it's a photographer that takes pictures. Nice tip to use what you have.

Richard K. Covington said...

Hey Rick,
Great pano! I too use a "small" camera, a Canon G2 - yet the pano's I have made in Whitefish Hills, MT, Colorado of the Flat Irons our side of Boulder and in Hawaii...
Unfortunately Pano's on flickr ( are a bit hard to see due to the size of the image when images are "restricted" and not full sized..
Now to see what TopazAdjust can do when applied to a Pano!