Thursday, August 6, 2009


Hey, I don't think I ever posted a photo tip with only a one-word header, but I thought it was appropriate in for this tip: wait.

When you are out shooting in a city (or town or village), sometimes it's advantageous to simply pick a cool location and wait for the subject to walk (or ride) into into the frame. That's what I did for this photograph of a Kuna woman in Kuna Yala, Panama in 2004; and for this photograph of a man and his mule in Trinidad, Cuba in 2001.

Pick a position and wait. That tips applies for photographing butterflies, too :-)

See the light,


jparkerboy said...

Great shots Rick. How long did you have to wait for the donkey and rider to come along? Did it benefit from careful use of Topaz Adjust? It has a slight HDR feel to it to me.

Rick Sammon said...

I had to wait almost an hour. You're good. Yes to Topaz Adjust.