Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Spice Up Your Pictures With Spicfiy

Readers of this blog have seen several examples of Topaz Adjust over the past few weeks. I've play with Topaz on my Cuba old car pictures, HDR images and panos. Click "Older Posts" to see these images.

Today I decided to see how one of the effects in Topaz Adjust, Spicify, might improve a very flat looking picture of an owl that I took.

Well, Topaz sure did spice up that photo - with a tap of my stylus in about 3 seconds.

A Topaz Adjust tip: experiment with the sliders - all the sliders – before you decided on what's the best effect.

Explore the light,


Gary Simmons said...

I got the 30 day trial of Topaz Adjust Rick... I'm not convinced yet, but your examples always look so great that I'll keep playing with it.

Changing workflows is hard... There is a big temptation to just keep doing what I'm doing!

StacyN said...

Just clarifying - it's the Adjust
v3.2 that has the "Spicfiy" filter in it. I think I will download and play - just wanted to be sure I was grabbing the right one.

Rick Sammon said...

hi stacy

yes to adjust 3.2


Richard K. Covington said...

Hey Rick,
After playing with the 30 day free trial of both Topaz Adjust and DeNoise, I purchased the Topaz Photoshop Bundle (contains Topaz Adjust, Simplify, DeNoise, Detail, Clean, DeJPEG. On a recient trip to Savannah, GA I was on a Trolley tour, and took a quick snap of the City Hall looking North on Bull Street at around 1325 hours. It was an overcast day, so I decided to play with Topaz Adjust with my shinny new license. I must say I really like the results... See the resultant image on my flickr account at:
Shortly after I posted the image, I received a comment from another flickr user indicating "This scene holds special memories for me." They even marked it as one of their favorites!!!
THANK-YOU for bringing these filters to our attention!!!

Rick Sammon said...

hi richard

niiiice work. love the effect on the sky.