Monday, August 3, 2009

Shooting in the City: Make Pictures

One I first saw this ’57 Chevy, it was parked on a different street in harsh sunlight on a street in Old Havana, Cuba. To make this picture, I simply asked the owner to drive his car onto a different street, to a spot I had picked out before I asked him to move. I asked him to pop the hood and truck. I snapped off a shot, making one of my favorite city photographs. After I made the picture, I enhanced the image with Topaz Adjust, one of my favorite plug-ins.

Check out Topaz and some of my other favorite plug-ins at the Plugin Experience.

See the light,


Casandra said...

Just read through most of your blog. As a newbie amateur photographer you're advice and photographs were incredibly inspiring. I will be checking back here often!

Phillipe said...

Thank you Rick for suggesting Topaz, since seeing the results you get using their plugins I bought 'Adjust' and 'Simplify' and they are quickly becoming my favorite plugins. And thanks for all of your posts and ideas, much appreciated.