Saturday, August 8, 2009

Print Out This Image

15 years ago, when I dropped my son off at pre-school for the first time (with tears in my eyes of course), I noticed a poster on the wall with the words you see in this image. It's the final image in all my slide presentations.

So true.

We hear and we forget.

We see and we remember.

But when we "do"... we understand.

So stop reading this blog post. Now! Go out and shoot. Understand. :-)

Happy weekend,

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Mark said...

If I might add a line.

I teach - I learn more

I find that teaching something I just learned helps me understand it better. Over the years when I teach something I ask my students to go and teach someone else what they just learned. Invariably they come back for clarification about something they didn't quite get or I didn't explain as well as I could have.

Just my two cents.

Thanks for sharing.