Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Never Give Up. Okay? Promise?

I receive emails from time to time from folks who are discouraged - mostly by rejection for one thing or another.

Hey! I have been there... and still get the rejection blues from time to time.

The following homily is for all those who have been rejected - or may be in the future.

10 years ago, I had this "great" idea for a series of 3-D children's books. I pitched it to National Geographic. They said, "no thank you."

I never give up. Two weeks later I signed a contract with the Nature Company for six books. Those six 3-D books led to two more 3-D books and another children's book.

Out of all my books, the 3-D children's books were my best sellers - because the audience for children's books is much greater than for how-to digital photography books.

The books are out of print, sorry.

So when you get rejected, never give up. Okay. Promise.

See the light,


Feachador said...

On the subject of not giving up, I saw this great TED speech given by author Elizabeth Gilbert (http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/elizabeth_gilbert_on_genius.html). Even though she's talking primarily about writing, it can be applied to any creative endeavor, and it inspired me in my photography. It's interesting that this speech came across my eyes on the same day your post on nearly the same subject happened. Thank you!

Michael Daniels said...

I agree with never giving up. My best racquetball matches were won because I refused to be beat mentally.

I think the bigger question is where do you start. Rick, you obviously have a lot of credibility to be able to even have a meeting with National Geographic. You knew who to call, and probably had a previous relationship that you could leverage. How do I go about establishing that same sort of credibility in today's marketplace? What would be your approach if you were just starting out today?

Thank you so much for you blog, podcast, tweets, and books. You're an inspiration and a tremendous help.

Rick Sammon said...

Feachador - interesting, indeed!

Michael - at the time, I did not have a contact at NG. Just called and said, "I have a GREAT kid's book idea."

Today..? It's much harder. A) Everyone is a photographer. B) The economy sucks.

But never give up! You might want to read Real Magic by Dr. Wayne Dyer.Sure helped me!

Gook luck and thanks for the kind words.

kim aka finiky said...

never give up.... thanks I needed to hear those words.

Rick Sammon said...

Kim.. never give up.. in all aspects of life.

Mary Lou said...

Hi Rick!
Just checked Amazon and your 3D Under the Sea book is going for up to $270! You're inspiring! Thanks for sharing the tip!
Mary Lou