Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Travel Photography How-to Week. Day 3: People Make a Picture Come Alive

If you have any doubt that including people in a scene makes a picture come alive, compare these images.

‘Nuf said.

Well, actually, I can say a little something more about these photographs.

While I was walking down a street in Old Havana and looking inside a home through a large open door, I noticed a beautiful spiral staircase. I asked the owner if I could take a picture. She said, okay. I took a shot and then, unexpectedly, her children started to walk down the stairs. I kept shooting, which resulted in not only a nice photograph, but also in a pair of images that illustrates the topic of this blog post.

In low light situations like this, you’ll need to boost your ISO. Sou might get more digital noise in your pictures (especially if you have a compact camera), but the higher ISO will help to stop the action and help to avoid camera shake.

I hope you enjoy this week’s photos and the tips. If you want some hands-on experience, hope you can join one of my workshops.

If you are interested in joining one of my Cuba Workshops (after it opens and Americans can go legally (you need a license from the U.S Treasury Department now), keep checking my Events page.

Explore the light,
P.S. The image on the right was created with Topaz Adjust.


Ken Zuk said...

Hey Rick

Nice shots....and good tip! Wondering, I see you mentioned your use of Topaz Adjust....I downloaded a a trial...and wondering if this is a worthy do you see yourself using this plugin the most? Do you use it a lot? When do you like to use it? Best for what kind of images?

Ken Zuk

Scott said...

While I agree with your tip, I have to comment that the picture with the people in it is a picture of people, while the stairway alone is a picture of the stairway. Complete different focus of what I looked at. I loved the HDR version - the detail on that stairway is a joy to explore.
That is completly lost when the people are there.

Then again, that's just me. Thanks for sharing.

Rick Sammon said...

yo ken

yes. thanks for blogging here!